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Universal Oil VarioFlex 350 ml Ballistol

Whether for trade, house or hobby, whether for care, protection, cleaning or lubrication, whether at home, at work or on the way - Ballistol Universal Oil is the right oil for all cases. It can be used as rust protection, lubricating oil, care and cleaning fluid and has been shining for more than 115 years with many outstanding properties. As VarioFlex version, the spray can features a flexible spray hose that can be bent individually to reach any hidden corner.

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Product No: 11029

Period: Modern times / Sword maintenance kit

Universal Oil VarioFlex 350 ml Ballistol

Universal Oil VarioFlex 350 ml Ballistol

Universal Oil VarioFlex 350 ml Ballistol

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Advantages of the VarioFlex spray head

Variable - It has never been easier to switch from spray to stream. The capillary tube can be folded down with a flick of the wrist and an even spray pattern covers surfaces with universal oil. For setting individual spots, the spray head can be converted quickly into a stream jet.

Flexible - The VarioFlex spray's capillary hose features a memory effect. After bending, the hose retains its shape in order to reach even the most remote corners and angles.

Economical - The large release surface makes dosing easier, even when wearing gloves. Precise, as much as necessary and yet with the proven Ballistol effect. Thanks to the VarioFlex mechanism a small amount of oil provokes a large effect.

Integrated - Thanks to integrated VarioFlex hose, you don't have to worry loosing capillary tube.

Ballistol Universal Oil

Ballistol Universal Oil was developed as early as 1904 and has since been produced in Germany according to an unchanged recipe. All active ingredients are particularly pure, of biological origin and completely degradable. The base oil for Ballistol Universal Oil is of medical purity, free of chlorinated hydrocarbons and does not contain any substances of animal origin.

In addition, Ballistol Universal Oil is silicone-, PTFE-, acid- and resin-free and quite safely. Therefore it is suitable for the care and maintenance of machines and equipment used in the food and beverage industry which may come into contact with the product.

Ballistol Universal Oil cleans, maintains, protects, preserves and dissolves rust as well as corrosive residues such as resins of unsuitable oils and can be applied to wood, leather, stainless steel, iron, non-ferrous metals and oil-resistant rubber.


  • extremely lubricious
  • runs smmoothly
  • does not resinify
  • completely biodegradable
  • food-safe
  • skin-friendly
  • quite safely
  • environmentally friendly
  • disinfecting effect

Application range:

Material compatibility: rubber (oil resistant), wood, plastics, leather, metal (stainless steel / iron)

Cleaning: removal of unsuitable greases and oils, removal of resinified oils / resin, descaling / cleans connections / contact fluid on poles, plug connections, soot, tombac / copper, removal of undesirable patina on copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminium, infiltrates, dissolves rust

Protecting: preserving, corrosion prevention / rust protection, neutralises hand sweat and other acid residues

Lubrication: lubricant, penetrating oil, cutting oil

Included in these categories: Sword maintenance kit

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