Francisca axe Rhenen


This Francisca axe  was made after an archaeological find  from Rhenen (The Netherlands), where is a large graveyard dated from the Late Roman to the Merovingian period (approx. 400-700 AD). More information...

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Steel: not hardened construction steel DIN USt37-2 | GOST St2kp (may get deformed in use)
27 pcs
27 pcs

Francisca axe Rhenen

The francisca is characterized by its distinctly arch-shaped head, widening toward the cutting edge and terminating in a prominent point at both the upper and lower corners. The top of the head is usually either S-shaped or convex with the lower portion curving inward and forming an elbow with the short wooden haft. Sometimes the head is more upswept forming a wider angle with the haft. Most franciscas have a round or teardrop-shaped eye designed to fit the tapered haft, similar to Viking axes. Based on the measurements of modern replicas the francisca had a haft length of around 40-45cm (16-18 in) and a 10cm (4 in) cutting edge with an average weight of around 600 g (21 oz, 1.3 lb).

  • 15*9*3,6cm – approx. size of the axe head
  • 395mm - approx.  shaft length
  • shaft from ash wood oak or beech (depending on availability)
  • sharp ground!
  • weight approx. 736 g

This reconstruction of the Francisca axe Rhenen came into existence thanks to Mr. Robert Wimmers from Archeologie Beleven ! 

Guarantee for breaking a throwing axe

A throwing ax is extremely stressed when throwing on the target. Critical is the sudden slowdown, whose character depends in particular on the exerted throwing power, material stiffness and structure of the target. Breaking of a throwing ax cannot be completely ruled out at such use. We experimented with different steels as well as with their heat treatment. We were able to break all throwing axes! The warranty for breakage refers exclusively to steel defects, such as hairline cracks. Throwing axes are always exposed to tear and wear. We will swap (or reimburse) your ax for free if it breaks due to a material defect. In such cases, a material defect is clearly visible on the steel fracture surface. In such cases do not hesitate and send the ax back to our address. A break of the wooden handle is also excluded from the warranty! A replacement wooden stock can be bought in hobby markets such as Hornbach, OBI, Baumax, UNIHobby, etc.

13-Jan 2022
Jens Neumann
verified review
Schnelle Lieferung.....!!! Daumen hoch ???
2-Feb 2021
verified review
Wunderschöne Axt. Sieht klasse aus und macht einen mehr als wertigen Eindruck! Freue mich jetzt auf meine ersten Übungswürfe..... Vielen Dank auch an das Team von outfit4events. Absolut kompetent und zuverlässig! Bis zum nä. Mal - Grüße aus dem Siegerland.
27-Mar 2016
verified review
Very impressed with this axe, absolutely stunning finish. Will definitely be ordering another

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