Ten Kei Tanto by John Lee

The term "Ten Kei" can be translated as "gift from heaven" and stands as a symbol of the beauty of nature. Fine floral motifs are reflected in the hand-crafted, finished with gold and silver fittings. The blade is forged by hand in elaborate Kobuse style. Here, surrounded by a hard shell made of 1095 carbon steel a core of softer, low carbon steel.  Like its historic predecessor also connects this Tanto grace and benefits in a unique way.  The hardening is differentiated to about 60 ° Rockwell to the edge and about 40 ° Rockwell at the back of the blade. Visible is the hardness difference in a genuine, finely worked out hamon line. More information...

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Ten Kei Tanto by John Lee

  • Sword in shinogi-zukuri style with chamfer
  • Blade assembly in Kobuse style.
  • In Aikuchi style, traditionally without hilt (tsuba)
  • Handle wrapped in green silk Hineri Maki style (war winding). underlaid with ray skin.
  • Black, high-gloss lacquered scabbard (Kuroro style) with degrees (Kojiri, kurigata, Koiguchi) from buffalo horn.
  • Blade collar (habaki) and washers (Seppa) are made of brass.
  • With long tang which with 2 bamboo pins (Mekugi) is fixed in the handle. The sword is thus fully dismantled.
  • All trim rate (Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira) are handmade from metal and give each sword his personal touch.
  • Handle length 13.5cm
  • Blade length 26cm
  • Total length (without scabbard) 40cm
  • Weight (without sheath) 500 g

Samurai swords warranty.

The protective wooden case, in which is the product packaged, comes free of charge.

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