Tinker Early Viking sword, Class A

Michael 'Tinker' Pearce has a number of Hanwei swords from 5160 steel designed to combine the authenticity, functionality and performance. To meet the different demands of the Western martial artists meet, there are of each of the seven swords, all offering excellent handling, a sharp and a blunt battle-ready version. Careful heat treatment of (Tinker preferred) 5160 steel by marquenching results in an excellent combination of strength and flexibility at a Rockwell hardness of 50-52 HRC. A higher edge strength is at the sharp blades allows, while the blunt models prevents burrs and the safety-related flexibility of the tip is guaranteed. More information...

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Tinker Early Viking sword, Class A

Without being a direct copy of a particular sword, the Viking sword this historical models of the 9th century was modeled. Especially in Trondheim, Norway were found swords, which show a preference for circular depressions in decorating the handles. Attachment points and a stylish chape give the vagina an attractive appearance. Of the other swords of the Tinker series, the Viking swords differ in that the riveting of the Angel and the blade of the blunt battle-ready version on boxing show as aimed at training more. The handling of both versions of this sword (sharp or blunt blade) is almost identical.

Sword class A

  • Heat-treated 5160 spring steel (marquenching)
  • riveted pommel
  • Sword class A
  • Overall length 95cm
  • Blade length approx. 77cm
  • Handle length approx. 17cm
  • Weight 1250 g

A premium quality product by Hanwei 

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