Leather belt with a hand-hammered wrought iron buckle


The historical belt is made of up to 4mm thick smooth cowhide. The belt's length is 150cm. If you pay a certain additional fee we will produce for you a longer belt to order. The belt's maximum production length is 210cm. The belt's width is 4.5cm. The belt is provided with hand-hammered wrought buckle that was modelled on a specimen from circa the 10th - 11th century. The buckle is manually sewn onto the beltwith a flaxy thread. Along its entire edge the Leather belt with a hand-hammered wrought iron buckle is decorated with an engraved groove. More information...

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Leather belt with a hand-hammered wrought iron buckle

Please specify your waist measure in your order. Based on this information we will cut holes in your belt to secure that it fits well. Otherwise the first hole is cut out at the length corresponding to the waist measure of 90cm.

Specifications of the leather belt

  • Width approx. 48mm
  • Thickness approx. 4mm
  • The hand forged buckle is approx. 52mm wide and 51 long
  • The metal needle is approx. 63mm long

Please note: This product is made by hand from genuine leather. This is a purely natural material. Minor differences in the colour and surface texture are its natural characteristics. These small imperfections do not decrease the value of the product. Each piece is to some extent an original.

24-Dec 2019
Josef Gajda
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