Maltese shield with heraldic Eagle of Pfalz-Saxony

This almond shape shield was made after a draft of our customers. Its rim is reinforced by steel strap. The basic color of the front is white. The upper right panel shows red cross, however the upper left box is black with oblique red border stripe at the lower edge. On the lower half of the shield, below the biss, is painted heraldic eagle of Pfalz-Saxony in golden color with black contours. The rear side is fitted with padded mat and belts of genuine leather. The shield can serve as original decoration and can even protect you at re-enactment events like battle shows. More information...

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Maltese shield with heraldic Eagle of Pfalz-Saxony

Specifications of the Maltese shield

  • Battle-ready version
  • Dimensions: 127cm high X 60cm wide
  • 6,3 kg - approx. weight
  • Made from from 10mm thick plywood
  • Typical round almond (or water drop) shape
  • The shield boss is firmly attached to the underlying plate in shape of Maltese cross

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