Frankish throwing ax de Luxe Lothar

This ax was used particularly in the western and central Europe from the 5th to the 7th century. It comes with a leather case that can be put over the ax edge, so that it can be transported without any risk.

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Frankish throwing ax de Luxe Lothar, so called Francisca


  • Ax head from spring steel CSN 14260 (Din 54SiCr6 | GOST 60S2CHA)
  • Steel hardness 54-56 HRC
  • decorated with beaten ornaments
  • 189 mm – length of the blunt upper edge (ax head)
  • 100 mm – length of the sharp edge
  • 157 mm – length of the blunt lower edge (ax head)
  • 482 mm – Length of wooden handle
  • 43 mm – the bigger diameter of the oval wooden shaft
  • 660 g - Approx. weight without the leather case
  • 20 g – Approx. weight of the leather case
  • The shaft made out of hard wood (oak, beech, maple, walnut or elm)

Instructions for use:

Note that a throwing ax can cause severe injuries! It does not belong in the hands of children!

  1. Before you throw the ax, make sure that it is not damaged or soiled.
  2. Do throw with put on leather gloves to protect your hands from abrasions.
  3. Before you proceed to throw, create enough space around yourself (at least a circle with a radius of 2 meters) and always see to it that nobody is standing beside or in front of you!
  4. Choose a target from soft materials (such as soft woods or special target boards of hi-tech materials). Avoid throwing on living trees or soil.
  5. The distance from the target should correspond with your skills and experience. Acceptable is a distance of 5 meters and more.
  6. Remember that the ax sometimes misses the target and bounces off of objects around the target.
  7. Sharpen a damaged blade with a diamond file.
  8. After use, make the throwing axe dry and clean. Then you should oil it to preserve from rusting. Acceptable is e.g. the oil  WD40.
  9. Keep your throwing ax out of reach of children!

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