Crusader Shield, battle-ready


The rear side is black painted. The  Crusader Shield is equipped with solid grip wrapped in leather, stuffed forearm pad and a leather belt over the forearm for a safe use in combats. More information...

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Item number: 7927

Shield Crusader with brass rim, battle-ready


  • Made out of 14 gauge | 2mm steel
  • Brass edge, riveted with brass rivets, polished finish
  • Overall measurements of the shield approx. 23 ½” * 17 ½ “  (60 x 45cm)
  • The cross is an application form a thin plate
  • The main field of is white, the cross is red
  • Weight approx. 4,00 kg

The Crusades had an enormous influence on the European Middle Ages. At times, much of the continent was united under a powerful Papacy, but by the 14th century, the development of centralized bureaucracies (the foundation of the modern nation state) was well on its way in France, England, Spain, Burgundy, and Portugal, and partly because of the dominance of the church at the beginning of the crusading era. Although Europe had been exposed to Islamic culture for centuries through contacts in Iberian Peninsula and Sicily, much knowledge in areas such as science, medicine, and architecture was transferred from the Islamic to the western world during the crusade era.

5-Sep 2019
Sebastian Lachmann
verified review
Sehr starkes,stabiles und schönes Schild, es ist nicht groß aber genugend um den Oberkörper mit zu Schutzen.

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