The Kusarigama (jap. "Chain Sickle"), also Kasuri Gama, is a Japanese bujutsu weapon that i salso used in Kobudō of Okinawa. The Kusarigama has a curved, single-edged, crescent shaped blade. The blade is usually straight and the back of the blade curved convex on the cutting side. The shaft is usually made of wood and is round. On the handle end a chain is attached, which is provided with a metal weight at the end. There are versions in which the blade can be folded back like a of a pocket knife to the handle. The combination of throwing, cutting and chain weapon makes Kusarigama very versatile. The chain could be used as a throwing weapon. More information...

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  • Dimensions of the all-steel sickle approx. 285mm long x 125mm wide
  • Chain Length approx. 128cm
  • Weights in the form of a spiked ball
  • Hand-forged from mild steel
  • one-side-ground spike
  • Sharp cutting edge
23-Jun 2018
verified review
Naprosto dokonalé! Jen nevím, co je tím myšleno ten rozměr 12,5 cm?? Když je ostří dlouhé 28,5 cm? ... :-)

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