Bo shuriken, 3pcs


Bo-shuriken are throwing weapons consisting of a straight iron or steel spike, usually four-sided but sometimes round or octagonal in section. The bo-shuriken is thrown in a number of ways, such as overhead, underarm, sideways and rearwards, but in each case the throw involves the blade sliding out of the hand through the fingers in a smooth, controlled flight. More information...

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Bo shuriken, 3pcs

The origins of the bo-shuriken in Japan are still unclear despite continuing research. This is partly because shurikenjutsu was a secret art and also due to the fact that throughout early Japanese history there were many independent exponents of the skill of throwing long, thin objects.

  • forged of carbon steel
  • approx. 44-49 HRC after Rockwell
  • nonslip rubber grip
  • total length approx. 155mm

Included in delivery:

  1. 3 pieces Bo Shuriken
  2. forearm sheath made of nylon
27-Jun 2020
Kevin Kina
verified review
Negishi-ryū style shuriken at a very affordable price.
27-Jan 2020
dirk wester
verified review
Sehr schön . Danke
31-Oct 2019
Martin Pokorný
verified review
Dobře vyvážené a celkově pěkná práce.

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