Pirate Captain's Cutlass

The Pirate Cutlass Captain is made of beautiful antiqued brass and has a steel blade. The fully tempered high carbon steel blade is worth its salt against any sea beast or while swarming the side of a galley. Weapons were usually kept on board a ship under tight wraps. It would have been easy for mutineers to be able to give their claims to them if they had borne their weapons. A special role, however, was taken by the captain, for he was, of course, allowed to drive his saber. The discreetly curved blade is provided with a narrow hollow flute, which extends over the length of three quarters of the blade. The pommel also plays an important role for the balance of the captain's cutlass.

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Pirate Captain's Cutlass

  • Key Features:
  • Simple, yet appealing design
  • Scabbard included
  • Great for Re-enacting and Collecting
  • A functional cutlass - battle ready!


  • Overall length approx. 828 mm
  • Blade length approx. 668 mm
  • The cross-guard is approx. 152 mm long and 125 mm wide and has approx. 102 mm in diameter
  • Blade width at the cross-guard approx. 27,3 mm
  • Blade thickness at the cross-guard approx. 4,8 mm
  • Blade width 10 cm from the point approx. 22,0 mm
  • Blade thickness 10 cm from the point approx. 4,1 mm
  • POB approx. 60 mm
  • Blade made of High Carbon Steel 1065
  • Steel hardness 48-52 HRC
  • Blade not sharpened but not blunt, thickness about 1,0 mm
  • Weight without scabbard approx. 1062 g
  • Weight including scabbard approx. 1230 g
  • Even if this is a fully functional cutlass, it cannot be used in combat shows, historical reenactment or similar for safety reasons!

Specs may slightly vary from exemplar to exemplar.

Premium Quality, made by Marto / Windlass Steelcrafts®.

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