Gothic dagger Wallace 50cm

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Gothic dagger Wallace

  • Overall length approx. 534mm
  • Blade length approx. 374mm
  • Length of the cross-guard approx. 181mm
  • Blade width at the cross-guard (base) approx. 39mm
  • Blade thickness at the cross-guard (base) approx. 4, 8mm
  • Blade width 5cm off the blade point approx. 24,8mm
  • Blade thickness 5cm off the blade point approx. 4,5mm
  • Thickness of the striking edge approx. 2,5mm
  • The Point of Balance is approx. 2cm far off the cross-guard
  • Weight approx. 904 g
  • Blade of spring steel DIN 54SiCr6, quenched to a hardness of approx. 53 HRC

Specs may slightly vary from sword to sword. Made in the Czech Republic.

Please read our: Directions for the use of bladed weapons.

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