Steel Wall Double Hook 88 mm

Steel Wall Double Hook 88 mm

Heavy Duty Retro Utility Hooks for Coats, Bags, Towels, Robe, Hats, Umbrellas etc.

Finish: Oil Blackened

Total length: 8.8 cm

Size of the mounting plate: 5.2 cm

Distance between each set of holes: 43 mm

Number of screws included: 2

Screw total length: 38 mm

Please note: Since this is a hand-forged product, slight differences in size and shape may occur.

True hand-forged mild steel: Manufactured with technology proven over the centuries. This product will never let you down!

Authentic finish achieved by oil blackening: This wall hook has a durable rustic finish created the traditional way using centuries-old oil blackening techniques.

With minimalist detailing and subtle design, this wall hook will bring about an elegance looking straight out of the bygone era. Perfect to add a Victorian, colonial, retro, steampunk, gothic, baroque, or medieval touch to any setting.

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