2 Rustic Cast Steel Wall Hooks 120x38mm

2 Rustic Cast Steel Wall Hooks 120x38mm

  • Size approx. 120 × 38 mm
  • Distance between each set of Ø 4.2 mm holes approx. 23 mm
  • Number of screws included: 4
  • Total screw length: 38 mm

True cast steel: Skilfully crafted from century-old techniques, it will never let you down!

Authentic oil-blackened finish: These wall hooks have been weatherproofed with century-old oil blackening techniques for a traditional and inimitable rustic finish.

With intricate detailing and subtle design, this pair of wall hooks will bring about an elegance looking straight out of the bygone era. Perfect to add a Victorian, colonial, retro, steampunk, gothic, baroque, or medieval touch to any setting.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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