Stainless Steel Penannular Fibula with Vertically Rolled Ends

This Penannular Fibula’s simple shape makes it a perfect accessory for numerous possible periods and characters: Celts, Raetian, Anglo-Saxon England, and Vikings. This style was quite popular for centuries and kept being used in Northern and Northwestern Europe well into the High Middle Ages. A penannular fibula has been a significant accessory to hold historical clothing for centuries. So don’t fall for a mere cloak pin, try this historical accessory to make a great outfit LARP or Re-enactments! More information...

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Stainless Steel Penannular Fibula with Vertically Rolled Ends

It is meticulously handmade from hard-wearing, highest quality stainless steel and will last for years to come. Its inner diameter is approximately 4.5cm and the pin is easy to adjust.

HOW TO USE YOUR FIBULA / BROOCH: Pierce the cloth where you want your fibula to be holding your cloak. Then pass the pin between the ends of the ring. And rotate the ring 90 degrees under the pin tip. Once you let it go, the fabric instantly presses the pin on the ring itself and keeps the fibula closed.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Outer diameter approx. 5cm
  • Needle length approx. 6.5cm

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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