UTG crossbow bipod

The UTG crossbow bipod is an essential accessory for any professional crossbow shooter. With this bipod you can keep your crossbow stable while aiming. If you let it rest on a chair for example, it can easily wobble back and forth. This bipod is suitable for almost all professional crossbows because it can be mounted on either a lower rail or a swivel stud mount. A kit is provided to convert the swivel stud mount to a lower rail. This lower rail comes with a new swivel stud mount, so you can still use your sling. This bipod is entirely made of metal and is easily foldable. The legs are also adjustable in height and are fitted with rubber feet to prevent scratching. More information...

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UTG crossbow bipod

  • Made of metal
  • Easily foldable
  • Legs are fitted with rubber feet to prevent scratching
  • Leg length: adjustable from 24 to 29cm (with that the center height of the bipod is 22 to 27cm)
  • Weight: 320 grams
  • Mount: 20mm Picatinny or swivel stud mount
  • Comes with a kit to convert a swivel stud mount to a lower rail with a new swivel stud mount

The UTG crossbow bipod is suitable for the following crossbows:

  • Man Kung MK-TCS1BK
  • Man Kung MK-TCS1G
  • Man Kung MK-TCS2BK
  • Man Kung MK-TCS2G
  • Man Kung MK-XB27BK
  • Man Kung MK-XB27GODC
  • Man Kung MK-300B
  • Man Kung MK-XB52BK
  • Man Kung MK-300AC
  • Man Kung MK-XB52GODC
  • Man Kung MK-XB86BK
  • Man Kung MK-350
  • Man Kung MK-380
  • Man Kung MK-400
  • Man Kung MK-XB56BK
  • Man Kung MK-XB56GODC
  • Man Kung MK-XB58BK
  • Man Kung MK-XB58FC
  • Man Kung MK-XB65BK

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