Man Kung MK-XB65BK Chester compound crossbow 200lbs, 425fps

The Man Kung MK-XB65BK Chester compound crossbow is our most powerful model. It has a bullpup design which means that the string release mechanism is positioned far behind the trigger. In addition, it is featured with reverse cam technology: the string comes off the front of the cams and not off the back as with our other compound crossbows. The combination of this bullpup design and reverse cam technology makes this crossbow a lot shorter and narrower than the MK-XB58BK, while its power stroke (the distance the string travels after pulling the trigger) is slightly longer. This makes it more compact and more powerful at the same time! More information...

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Man Kung MK-XB65BK Chester compound crossbow 200lbs, 425fps

Another advantage of this MK-XB65BK is that its foot stirrup is foldable, so you can also use it as a bipod. To reduce vibration and noise, it is featured with vibration dampers between the cams and the limbs and at the string stoppers. To prevent dryfiring, it is equipped with an anti-dryfiring system. Picatinny rails are mounted both on the top and on the bottom of this crossbow. On the bottom rail you can mount the front grip and quiver that come with this crossbow, but also a laser or a light. It also comes with a 4x32 scope, a sling, a cocking string and 4 carbon bolts. Due to its gigantic velocity of 130 m/s, it is especially suitable for experienced shooters.

  • Draw weight: 200 LBS (with the cocking string approximately 100 LBS)
  • Velocity: 425 FPS - 130 m/s
  • Accurate up to 110 meters
  • Anti-dryfire
  • Weight: 3629 grams
  • Length: 72,3cm
  • Width: 33,0cm
  • Upper rail type: 20mm Picatinny
  • Lower rail type: 20mm Picatinny
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminium barrel
  • Including 4x32 sight
  • Including sling
  • Including quiver
  • Including cocking string
  • Including 4 Man Kung 20“ carbon crossbow bolts

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