Swiss kettle hat, 14th ct., 1.6mm steel

This is a reconstruction follows a swiss original from approx. 14th century. Kettle hats were popular throughout the 14th and 15th centuries in central Europe, especially amoung foot soldiers. This helmet is handmade from 1.6mm steel plate. It includes a soft padded liner as well as a leather chin strap with authentic brass buckle. More information...

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Swiss kettle hat, 14th ct., 1.6mm steel

It is available in two sizes (M and L). They are large shaped in order to allow for an extra padded cap and/or chainmail coif underneath.


  • soft padded liner
  • cowhide leather chin strap

Size chart:

Size max. circumference Head Inner distance back- to forehead approx. Inner distance ear to ear approx. Weight approx.
M 62cm 22cm 185mm 2.8 kg
L 64cm 23cm 205mm 3,1 kg

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