Kettle hat, 14th and 15th cen., 2mm


The kettle hat was common all over the whole Medieval Europe. It was worn by troops of all types, but most commonly by infantry. The wide brim gave good protection against blows from above, such as from cavalry swords, and was very useful in siege warfare as the wide brim would protect the wearer from projectiles shot or dropped from above. More information...

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Kettle hat, 14th and 15th cen., 2mm

Made from 2mm carbon steel (gauge 14), the actual gauge of plate may vary due to the handcrafted way of production.

Leather chin strap included.

  • Size M = 60~61cm head perimeter
  • Size L = 63~64cm head perimeter

Made by Marshal Historical.

28-Aug 2018
Michal Matoušek
verified review
Kvalitní výrobek za velice rozumnou cenu. Jediný problém je, že svařovaná konstrukce z helmy v podstatě dělá zvon, takže si připravte špunty do uší. Quality product for a very nice price. The only downside is that the welded construction pretty much turns it into a bell, so do prepare some earplugs.

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