Arrow Belt Quiver Artemis from Leather

Our Artemis’ belt quiver has been one of the most popular forms of quivers since antiquity and for good reason! Having the quiver suspended at your belt, and not on your back makes it convenient, especially when you are trying to shoot from horseback, moving around in the gallop, or whenever you are trying to shoot in a line of infantry. As compared to back quiver, which is more commonly associated with fantasy characters like the famous Legolas or any legendary elf archer, hence not that common in history. This quiver is ideal for real and not LARP arrows. More information...

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Arrow Belt Quiver Artemis from Leather

This stunning quiver is HANDCRAFTED from TOP QUALITY GENUINE BUFF LEATHER making it a sturdy piece of accessory that can withstand wear and tear, for battle after battle. Its total length is approx. 53.5cm Just pass your belt from the top loop, stock your arrows, and you are ready for yet another battle!

  • Available in colours Black or Brown

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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