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English or French Single-Edged Arming Sword, licensed by the Royal Armouries


An unusual single-edged arming sword of the mid-15th century, reputedly from the Castillon group of swords found in a nearby river and purchased by the Royal Armouries in 1984. Over 80 swords, as well as other weapons, were reputedly recovered from this one archaeological find, but this sword is without direct comparison in that group, having a distinctive hilt and very unusual single-edged blade. At first sight it looks like a regular double-edged arming sword with a central tip, but on closer inspection it has a single-edged blade, of wedge cross-section, having a false edge on the back of the blade near the tip. The blade is remarkably wide and thin, with a very acute edge geometry leading to a fine edge, sharing some physical similarities with other single-edged swords such as falchions. The crossguard quillons end in curled tips to retain an opponent’s blade, the asymmetrical grip is located towards the back edge, and the squat scent stopper pommel makes the short grip comfortable to hold. This sword could have been carried by any professional soldier of the late Hundred Years War, from a well-equipped archer to a man-at-arms or knight, or indeed as a civilian sidearm, perhaps with a buckler. Swords with comparable hilt forms are shown in art until the end of the 15th century. This sword feels very nimble, and it is deceptively light compared to its width, due to the thinness of the blade and distal taper.While it could thrust effectively against unarmored targets, it seems to be optimized for cutting, the tip being broader and the blade more flexible than a typical arming sword of the time.

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English or French Single-Edged Arming Sword, licensed by the Royal Armouries

English or French Single-Edged Arming Sword, licensed by the Royal Armouries

English or French Single-Edged Arming Sword, licensed by the Royal Armouries

Royal Armouries Sword #IX.2638.

This replica is crafted with a better blade than the original; the blade is hand forged by an experienced, skilled blacksmith exactly in the same manner as the original, but with superior modern 1080 high carbon steel that is fully tempered and is distally tapered for proper weight distribution.

The sheath is made to replicate one of the period, with a wood body and covered with leather. The tip is reinforced with a brass chape. At the throat, the leather extends upward and covers part of the guard at the ricasso. 

Includes a certificate of authenticity on heavy stock

Windlass Classic Wax and polishing cloth are included.


  • Overall length: 94 cm
  • Blade length: 79 cm, single edge
  • Guard: 18 cm wide
  • Blade width at ricasso 60 mm
  • Blade is distally tapered: 3,9 mm thick at guard, 2,3 mm at tip
  • The blade is semi-sharp. The striking edge approx. 1mm thick
  • Weight: 1.335 g

A top-quality replica made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

Included in these categories: One-Handed Medieval Swords

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    Peter Matuška
    (Review not verified)

    Popis - 5/5 veľmi presný, fotky majú vysokú výpovednú hodnotu. Balenie - 5/5 meč prišiel v kartónovej krabici, v nej ďalšia krabica, až v nej originálne balenie, ktoré je samo o sebe maximálne bezpečné...pravdepodobnosť poškodenia pri preprave takmer nulová. kovové časti naolejované, zabalené v igelite. Čepeľ - 5/5 výbrus súmerný, čepeľ rovná v oboch smeroch, nepatrná asymetria na falošnom ostri, povrch "satin" jednoliaty bez nedokonalostí Rukoväť - 5/5 záštita symetrická s jemnými nedokonalosťami pri opracovaní vnútorného oblúka háčiku. sofistikovaný postupne sa rozširujúci úchop by si zaslúžil detailnú fotku v popise. rukoväť z odolnej kože, koža je dobre lepená, nie však zošitá. presne lícuje ako so záštitou, tak aj s hlavicou. Hlavica symetricky vybrúsená, tŕň do hladka zaleštený. Pošva - 4/5 masívna odolná konštrukcia, zbytočne hrubé výrazné nákončie, koža matná, dobre vypracovaná bez jediného kazu. meč má v púzdre miernu vôľu Celkový dojem - 5/5 Fantasticky vyvážený, netradičný sečný meč. To že sa jedná o presnú muzejnú repliku má obrovskú pridanú a výpovednú hodnotu pre každého nadšenca, šermiara či zberateľa. Po skúsenosti s týmto produktom zvažujem kúpu ďalšej repliky zo série royal armouries.

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