The electrician's knife Quattro 349-NH-1

The electrician's knife Quattro 349-NH-1 from Mikov is thanks to its design predestined for assembly and other work in the field of electrical engineering - high voltage and low voltage. More information...

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The electrician's knife Quattro 349-NH-1

The knife has one blade for multiple uses:

  • The lower part is used for cutting as a regular knife.
  • The special shape of the tip of the knife is intended for cutting the sheath of electrical cables and their subsequent stripping.
  • The groove is used to strip the wires themselves.
  • Gap in the blade is used for bending the wire and creating a stitches.

The knife speeds up work on low-voltage and high-voltage cables, makes it safer and easier. It can also be used in inaccessible places with high cabling density.
In addition, using a cable knife increases productivity.
Contains a special tool for longitudinal cuts

Electrician's knife QUATTRO is a professional tool that should have every electrician.

Quattro electrician's knife is made of high quality stainless steel type 420 with a hardness of 53-55 HRc.
The handle and case of the electric knife are made of high-quality durable plastic. Manufacturer Mikov Mikulášovice.
Number of functions: 4

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