Switchblade Predator Stonewash knife 241-BH-1/STKP

Knife STONEWASHIs Czech made knife with great heritage of Czech knife making. One of the many advantages of PREDATOR is that the knife can be quickly opened with one hand from the side. More information...

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Switchblade Predator Stonewash knife 241-BH-1/STKP

The knife blade is made of high-quality Böhler N690 stainless steel with a hardness of 57-60 HRc and has a matt surface. The other metal parts of the knife are equally frosted.
The handle of the knife is made of black, durable and ergonomically shaped plastic, which in combination with other parts makes the beautiful and sophisticated shape of the knife called PREDATOR STONEWASH.
The knife has a luxurious and elegant design. Upon the customer's request, it is possible to produce PREDATOR STONEWASH in a left-handed design, and it is also possible to engrave a logo or lettering on the blade. PREDATOR STONEWASH is manufactured only in a one-tool design and comes with a luxurious leather case with a belt loop.

Number of functions: 1


  • Blade

Material :

  • blade made of high quality steel Böhler N690 with a hardness of 57-60 HRc
  • Handle from ABS plastic

Manufacturer: Mikov Mikulášovice

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