Titanium chain mail tunic with short sleeves, riveted flat rings

Titanium chain mail tunic with short sleeves, riveted flat rings
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This short-sleeved chain mail tunic is made of small metal rings that are linked together to form a protective barrier between you and your enemy, providing protection from sword cuts and stabs. This chain mail tunic is made of flat titanium rings riveted with rivets with a hemispherical head. Titanium is a material with very advantageous properties: It is stronger than iron and also weighs significantly less! This gives it chain mail armor of exceptional durability and at the same time the weight that approaches the weight of aluminum rings for theater purposes. The bonus is the fact that titanium doesn't rust. More information...

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Titanium chain mail tunic with short sleeves, riveted flat rings

  • Manufacturer´s specification: Titanium Ring Round Riveted, 9mm, 17gauge
  • Ring material: TITANIUM


Chest girth 117cm / 46 in 132cm / 52 in 147cm / 58 in 163cm / 64 in
Length from shoulder seam 81cm / 32 in 86cm / 34 in 91cm / 36 in 97cm / 38 in
Sleeve length 25cm / 10 in 28cm / 11 in 31cm / 12 in 33cm / 13 in

This titanium haubergeon is “as light as a feather and as hard as dragon scales”. Tolkien dreamed it the 21st Century did it! This ultra-light haubergeon will be ideal for elite competition fighters like Behourd Tournament, jouster, damsel wearing armour, men at arms getting older, or having back or joint pain. Be it in the legendary Viking wars or even the so-called “decisive” Battle of Hastings, knights and warriors always needed the highest order of protection; and when you reenact these wars, you have to make sure that you do too!

This chainmail shirt is handmade from dome riveted 17 Gauge titanium flat rings, each with a diameter of approx. 9 mm. All titanium haubergeons are also definitely one of the best-sellers with movie prop companies, theatres, and all kinds of costume designers because of their amazing lightweight, extremely realistic visual appearance that not only appeals to a large audience on screen but also avoids tearing up the actor wearing them during the filming or during the performance.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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