Lightweight Chainmail Shirt from Butted Round Aluminium and Rubber Rings

Be it in the legendary Viking wars or even the so-called “decisive” Battle of Hastings, knights and warriors always needed the highest form of protection; and when you reenact these wars, you have to make sure that you do too! This chainmail haubergeon will be just the fit for that! More information...

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Lightweight Chainmail Shirt from Butted Round Aluminium and Rubber Rings

This haubergeon utilizes a unique mail constructed of 14 gauge aluminium round rings, 10mm diameter, alternating with rubber solid rings. This method yields an extremely lightweight yet durable shirt for use where ease of wear is important. The material is very forgiving of the size and shape of the wearer, conforming naturally to the body; the elasticity allows for unrestricted movement. The combination of comfort and great looks makes this a preferred mail type for Theater, Costume, and Movie productions, making it durable enough for LARP as well.

  • Inside diameter 10mm
  • Aluminium wire 1,6mm thick (Gauge 14)
  • Available in sizes: L, M, XL
Size M L XL
Length from shoulder seam 80cm 88cm 89,6cm
Chest circumference 101cm 122cm 133,2cm
Length of the half sleeves 25,5cm 26cm


Weight 3154 g 4240 g 4818 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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