Swiss saber around 1530, museum replica

This replica is based on the A489 Wallace Collection Original. For safety reasons, this saber is not intended for practical use as the blade is sharp. More information...

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Swiss saber around 1530, museum replica

  • Total length 1128mm
  • Blade length 897mm
  • Length of the leather-wrapped handle 133mm
  • The pommel is 80mm long and has a maximum diameter of 56mm
  • Height of the rivet head on the knob 3.5mm
  • Length of the cross-guard 245mm
  • Depth of the protective cage 135mm
  • Basket height from the side with clover leaf (measured from the blade) 75mm
  • Basket height from the other side (also measured from the blade) 55mm
  • Blade cross-section on the handle 37.4 x 5.6mm
  • Blade cross-section at the transition to the wider tip 27 or 34mm x 4.1mm
  • Thickness of the sharp edge approx. 0.5mm
  • Edge thickness on the back of the blade approx. 3mm
  • The double-edged blade tip is 212mm long and 0.5mm sharp on both sides
  • Cross section of the blade 5cm in front of the point 28.3 x 4.0mm
  • The balance is 6cm in front of the parry
  • Weight 2106g

Specifications may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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