Lion's Head Sabre

A particularly high-quality sabre with an elaborately designed handle made of yellow metal. Two red acrylic stones have been worked into the lion's eyes. The hilt is screwed to the tang. The handle with a hardwood core is covered with black cowhide and wrapped in stainless steel wire. A fuller is milled on both sides of the blade at approx. 2/3 of its length for the purpose of weight reduction. The blade is not completely sharp. Its striking edge is approx. 1 mm thick. Both the blade and the metal scabbard with a suspension ring have a polished finish. This sabre is suitable as a costume accessory for decorative purposes. It is sold without a breakage guarantee, so it is not a practical combat sabre. More information...

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Sabre with a lion's head on the hilt

  • Total length 935mm
  • Blade length 807mm
  • The handle is wrapped in black leather and wrapped stainless steel wire
  • The hand guard is a cast brass
  • Cross section of the blade off the hilt approx. 20.8 × 4.2mm
  • Cross section of the blade 10cm off the point approx. 16 x 3.4mm
  • The fuller on the blade is approx. 44cm long
  • Thickness of the striking edge (blade edge) approx. 1mm
  • The sharpness on the blade is on both sides, on the back partially.
  • The edge on the back begins about 31cm from the tip
  • Weight of the saber alone 680 g
  • The weight of the metal sheath alone is approx. 380 g
  • There is 1 suspension ring on the scabbard
  • Outer diameter of the rings approx. 26mm - material thickness 3mm
  • The distance between the rings is 20cm, with the first 7.5cm from the sheath neck
  • The chape of the scabbard is made of 2.2mm sheet metal
  • The lion eyes are acrylic stones
  • Just one ring on the metal sheath

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