Decorative Katana with Kozuka and Kogai

The metal sheath is richly decorated with fittings and fish skin imitation. When two Esser, Kozuga and Kogai are plugged into the tsuba. The carbon steel blade is not stainless. More information...

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Decorative Katana with Kozuka and Kogai

Blade length 69cm

Total length 94.5cm

A Kozuka or "small handle" in English is a small Tsuka designed to be fitted with the Kogatana. It usually features various designs inspired by famous historical events or popular Katana-related designs.

The Kogai is a spike for hair arranging also used for various utility tasks, that fits into a pocket on the saya (similarly to the Kogatana).

The protective wooden case, in which is the product packaged, comes free of charge.

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