Knee Armor - Poleyns 14/15 cen

These steel Poleyns give protection to the knee. More information...

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Knee Armor - Poleyns, 14-15th century

  • hem / turned edges
  • The poleyns are padded from the inside with quilted pads
  • The quilted pads are about 9mm thick
  • Made of approx. 1mm thick steel
  • The leather straps consist of approx. 3mm thick cowhide made
  • Firm steel buckles
  • The knee armour is about 11cm high when measured at the front over the knee joint
  • The side shells are approx. 14.5cm high
  • Delivery includes two approx. 125cm long leather straps with a cross section of approx. 3 x 3mm
  • Weight of one knee poleyn about 472 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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