Crescent Hunting Arrow or Rope Cutter

This crescent-shaped arrowhead was developed for hunting and for the battlefield. Such arrowheads were used in naval battles, for example, to damage the sails when it came to slowing down the enemy ship! They also proved useful when shooting at small animals. A similar tip could also be used to cut the safety line when firing a catapult or trébuchet. This arrowhead is hand-forged from carbon steel. More information...

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Crescent Hunting Arrow or Rope Cutter

Nice blacksmith forged crescent rope cutter / hunting arrow heads for Medieval, Tudor or Renaissance arrows. Often called a rope cutter there is much speculation as to the use of these arrow heads.

  • Total length approx. 97mm
  • Width approx. 54mm
  • The sickle-shaped tip is approx. 2mm thick
  • The length of the stem is approximately 45.6mm
  • The outer diameter of the stem is approx. 11.11mm and inside approx. 8.54mm
  • Weight approx. 28 g

This medieval arrowhead is styles with a larger crescent shaped blade. While there are many theories these arrows were used for cutting ropes at great distance, many believe they were just a simple hunting arrow.One theory is that they were utilised to cut and damage rigging and sails on ships. However, historical reconstructions and reenactments have proven this to be difficult.

Great for archery tournaments and competitions, as the weight and size of the arrow head provide a challenge to traditional longbow and recurve users compared to modern field heads.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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