Are you pursuing the archery? Then you will need a reserve of quality arrows and arrowheads! You will find many various types of arrowheads. We offer points for carbon arrows, aluminium arrows and wooden arrows. We have also hand-wrought arrowheads inspired by history or also modern security rubber arrow blunt.

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Arrow without a point will be almost useless during archery. Arrowhead affects the effectiveness of the projectile significantly. There are lots of kinds of arrowheads, each has different characteristics. E.g. there is Bodkin point which is almost 3 (7.62 cm) inches long and weighs about 30 grams - these are the characteristics of the historic battle arrow. Cross-section of the point is diamond shaped. In a modern test, a direct hit from a hard steel bodkin point penetrated Damascus chain armour. If you want to use this arrowhead, you will need to have an arrow that weighs at least 60 grams and is longer than 31 inches (about 79 cm).

There are also arrowheads in the shape of Swallowtail. The weight of this arrowhead is about 60 – 70 grams. Swallowtail arrowheads were used during deer hunting or disposal of horses of enemy cavalry. There are also these arrowheads: blunts, judo points, broadheads, target points, safety arrows.

You will find many types of arrowheads in our range. You will be delighted with them.