Vikings Spatha Olæ, 9-11 cen, class B

A solid and well-balanced spatha, an ideal sword for sword-combat shows and re-enactment. A safe hold thanks to reinforced leather winding on the handle. Available with optional sheath made of approx. 3mm thick cow leather with a belt and hand forged buckle. The handle winding and leather sheath are made as a standard in black and green combination. On request, other colors are available. Please note down your wish in the comment to your order. Source: Jan Petersen: De Norske Vikingesverd, ISBN 8888000019824 More information...

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Vikings Spatha Olæ, 9th - 11th century

Sword class B

  • Total length approx. 879mm
  • Blade length approx. 696mm
  • Length of the cross-guard approx. 116mm
  • Width of the blade at the guard approx. 45,2mm
  • Blade thickness at the guard approx. 4.8mm
  • Width of the blade 10cm off the blade point approx. 32.1mm
  • Blade thickness 10cm off the blade point approx. 3,8mm
  • Thickness of the cutting edge approx. 2.1mm
  • The Point of Balance (PoB) is approx. 6,5cm off the guard
  • Dimensions of the pommel approx. 84.6 * 30.7 * 40.6mm
  • Weight of the spatha without sheath approx. 1540 g
  • Blade made of spring steel DIN 1.7103, oil-quenched to approx. 52-54 HRC.

Due to manual finalization, the specifications given above may vary slightly from item to item. Made in the Czech Republic.

Please read also our Directions for the use of bladed weapons.

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