Medieval Linen Veil and Wimple Set, Lady's head cover, 14th century

This Lady's head cover is made up of a narrow hood, which reaches down to the chest, and which is tied at the back with three straps. The upper veil of rectangular shape (circular shape was also acceptable) is then pinned on the top of the hood. The rectangular veil of natural linen measures in our case approx. 120 x 60cm (23 ½  * 47 inch). More information...

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Medieval Linen Veil and Wimple Set, Lady's head cover, 14th century

  • The Medieval narrow hood with veil is available in one size fits all for a head circumference of approx. 58cm (23 inch), if you need a different size, write down your head circumference into the comment to your order.
  • Material after your choice: cotton, linen or wool

This Medieval Linen Veil and Wimple Set can be made in various colors according to these sample cards. Please note the requested color(s) into your order, in the field for your comment. Please specify always (1) the number of the sample card, (2) letter of the color, and (3) description of the colour (Example: 04-F-blue). If you choose a fabric with different composition, the price may change. Possible price change will be consulted with you before processing the order.

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