Monika Huptychová

Monika Huptychová
Monika Huptychová was born on 12th June 1967 in Chomutov. She graduated from the Technical School for Textile Industry in Prague, where she studied the history of clothing. Then she worked at the vocational school for textile industry in Jirkov. As a master of the tailor training, she had a big deal of responsibility and patience.

Since 1998 she dedicates herself to the custom-dress-making of historical costumes. She has outfitted several historical show-fight groups in Czechia. Work has become her hobby and gives her the opportunity to be creative and do what she really enjoys.

In addition to her work, Monika is dedicated to her family and friends. Her hobbies include traveling, reading and working in the house and in the garden. She is divorced, has an adult son and two wonderful granddaughters who are a great source of joy and happiness for her.


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