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What is your Privacy Policy?
How long does the warranty last and what does it cover?
Hi, how long is the warranty on your swords?
I have received goods that I did not order, what should I do now?
I want to change my already paid order, can you advise me how?
Some goods from your offer cannot be ordered (added to the shopping cart), what should I do if I am interested in them?
I would be interested in a product that says "Sold out and no longer available". Is there still a way to get this product?
Can you please tell me the price of a product in Euros / US Dollars?
Found a mistake?
How do I change a wrong size?
I have received defective goods, how should I proceed with a complaint?
In the last step of the shopping cart I have to agree to a delivery date one month longer than the one shown on the product page, why?
Why is the price different for in-stock and out-of-stock items, even though they are the same product?
I have not received an invoice yet, when will I get it?
You have confirmed the refund, but I don't see any incoming payment in my account, can you check?
I have already paid the order by bank transfer, yet I have not received a receipt yet, can you check?
Have you received a parcel containing a figurine or statuette and realised after unpacking that part of it has broken off?

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