Frequently asked Questions: Weapons

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I have ordered a sword in your store and would like to order a scabbard now, how?
I would like a crossbow with a draw weight of 500-1500 pounds, can you make it?
How and what materials are your daggers made from?
What is the difference between industrially rolled and hand-forged blades?
I've inherited a nice weapon from my grandparents. It could be an original. Can you assess its value?
Why it isn´t allowed to fight with a decorative sword?
From which kind of wood do you make the handles of your axes?
Can you sharpen a bladed weapon, so that it is razor-sharp?
Are Windlass Steelcrafts swords suitable for combats, i.e. are battle-ready?
At some swords you can choose between leather and wire wrapping on the handle. What is the difference? Is the wire made of stainless steel and how can it be cleaned if necessary?
What is the maximum blade length of a sword that you can draw?

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