If you are looking for a self-defense tool, you can opt for a Tonfa. The Tonfa is a short striker, which is characterized by a transverse handle. Tonfa appeared for the first time on the Japanese island of Okinawa, where it was inextricably linked to millstones that crushed grain or rice. With the aid of Tonfa millstones could be moved. In Southeast Asia, for example, in Indonesia or Thailand, Tonfas were known as a weapon – as most of us know it today.

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Tonfa is used in various combat sports such as Kobudo or Ju-Jutsu. Policemen and security agencies prefer tonfas to the classic batons because they are smaller and do not hinder at fast running. With a Tonfa you can do well against attacks and at the same time quickly counter-attack.

Tonfa is now made of plastic, wood or metal. Its handle can be covered with rubber and can also be notched so that it fits better in the hand. With such a handle, for example, glass panes can be broken in emergency situations. A belt holder or a holder can be ordered with a tonfa so that it can be easily carried with you on the belt.

Tonfa is a good self-defense means that fits into every house where you can encounter a thief. In our time, when the aggressiveness of the drivers increases, is also good to hide a Tonfa under the seat in the car. Remember that you have to practice the use of Tonfa. Without some training and knowledge about this unique weapon it can only be used as a baton.