Expandable batons

An expandable baton (also referred to as collapsible baton, telescopic baton, tactical baton, spring cosh, ASP, etc.) is typically composed of a cylindrical outer shaft containing telescoping inner shafts (typically 2 or 3, depending on the design) that lock into each other when expanded. The shafts are usually made of steel, but lightweight baton models may have their shafts made from other materials such as aluminium alloy. Expandable baton is one of modern weapons, with which one can defend oneself effectively. They are not only for self-defense, but are also used by security and armed forces.

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Expandable batons

For the first time, expandable batons were used in World War II by British troops. Its last segment was not a tube, but a spring. Expandable baton in its present form was first developed in the United States in the 1980s. They were an inseparable part of the security forces' equipment in the former GDR.

Expandable batons are made of different materials. Often made of steel, aluminum, chrome, nylon fiber and even titanium. Their handle is usually made of a non-slip rubber, so that the weapon sits securely in the hand. On the handle, you can mount a special tail, which makes the telescopic baton an improvised hammer. This can be used to break glass, for example. On the telescopic baton is also possible to attach a crowbar, ax or LED light. Some of the batons in our offer also include a case, which then you can carry this weapon on the belt and so always carry it with you.