Leather Water Bottle 1.2 L

Water bottle 1.2 L, inside waxed leather with bee wax. Historicaly authentic bottle sutable for practical use. l complement for the re-enactments under the open air in hot weather. More information...

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Leather Water Bottle 1.2 L

Important note: This is a fully functional prop of historical design, which is produced in small quantities in traditional manner. A regulatory food safety certification would make the price unaffordable. For that reason, we are committed to the following legal notice: This is a decoration item, neither certified nor suitable for contact with food!

Made by Marshal Historical

  • Content approx. 1.2 L
  • Overall height approx. 33cm
  • Width max. approx. 15.5cm

Care tips for the leather flask with inner beeswax layer

Rinse the leather bottle with lukewarm water after use, place it upside down and allow the water to drip off. Then store the bottle without the cap in a dry place away from sunlight and heat. If the bottle leaks over time, the inner wax layer is damaged. The inner wax layer can also be damaged mechanically, e.g. if pressure is exerted on the bottle or it has been smashed.

This wax layer can be repaired as follows: Melt pure beeswax in a water bath on the cooker (it must not contain any other additives such as paraffin). Pour the hot wax into the flask. Close the flask with the stopper and shake it vigorously so that the wax is distributed throughout the inside. You can repeat pouring the liquid wax inside the flask whenever the flask starts to leak or before the start of each season.

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