Japanese vegetable knives

Kitchen knives Nakiri Hôchô are very thin knives that are used in Japanese cuisine mainly for cutting vegetables. These knives are produced in the traditional way directly in Japan. The ergonomically shaped handles fit very well in the hand. They are usually made of wood - for example, from magnolia wood or from the black Pakka wood. Sometimes the handle is fastened with rivets.

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Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives
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Knives are necessary equipment of every kitchen. We use them practically every day so a little knowledge about them can always be useful. For example, how to preserve more vitamins while cutting vegetable? How to keep the knives sharp and how to use…
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Japanese vegetable knives

The shape of the blade differs according to the region of origin. It is either angular (the so-called Tokyo style), or has rounded tip (Osaka style). The blade is often made of stainless steel or Damascus steel, with the core layer protected by a tiny layer of nickel and silver. Polishing the surface helps to keep the blade from sticking to the cut food. The blade with such a construction offers the highest possible edge retention with the greatest possible flexibility. Although some knives have no stainless blades, they are very strong though. The blade of the vegetable knife Nakiri is ground and sharpened on both sides. You can cut with the whole length of the blade edge. The knives are not suitable for cutting meat and bones.

Anyone who likes vegetables and prepares vegetable salads often will favour Japanese cooking knives for vegetables Nakiri,. Vegetable lovers might also be interested in our cutting boards made of bamboo, whetstones  or knife racks.