Wooden cutting boards

Cutting boards must not be missing in any household. They protect the kitchen tops and tables from damage that naturally occurs when cutting with kitchen knives. Cutting boards in our offer are made of genuine bamboo wood. Bamboo is a beautiful ornamental grass with hollow structure. Bamboo shoots grow several meters in height.

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Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives
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Knives are necessary equipment of every kitchen. We use them practically every day so a little knowledge about them can always be useful. For example, how to preserve more vitamins while cutting vegetable? How to keep the knives sharp and how to use…

Wooden cutting boards

The bamboo plant is characterized by an extraordinarily fast growth. It is well renewable and therefore an environmental-friendly material, ideal for further processing. Although bamboo comes from the tropical and subtropical areas, it also grows well at higher altitudes above sea level. Some bamboo species are even frost resistant. Benefits of this natural material include its antibacterial properties, which is especially favorable for the kitchen. Also visually, this material is very attractive and it is no wonder that it enjoys great popularity. You can make almost everything out of this "woody grass": clothing, towels, furniture or musical instruments.

Bamboo chopping boards and bamboo cutting boards are a purely natural product. Each single board is handmade one-of-a-kind with its unique grain and texture. Moreover, its material is very durable and does not dull the knives too much. Bamboo cutting boards do not absorb acids and dyes and are easy to clean. You should clean it with warm water and an environmental-friendly detergent by hand. After washing it, let it dry in the upright position. The bamboo cutting boards definitely do not belong into the  dishwasher!

You can find in our offer both individual bamboo boards, as well as entire sets. Together with the board you could order a kitchen knife for no extra shipping costs!