Decorative Daggers

Even today daggers are used in the army also in a different way than only in training or fighting hand-to-hand, namely as a ceremonial weapon at festive occasions. If you are a lover of history who wear the bladed weapons only as part of your costume or equipment, and if you do not intend to use the dagger practically, then our decoration daggers will surely arouse your interest.

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Decorative Daggers

The decorative daggers would not withstand the real practical use, either due to the design or due to the used materials. The blade would bend or the hilt could disintegrate. You will find real masterpieces in this section, especially the replicas from the Spanish manufacturer Marto. Holding one of these replicas in the hands or just looking at them is a treat for any militaria lover!

Only some of the exemplars offered here are delivered together with a scabbard. If this is not the case, we recommend ordering a dagger scabbard with the decorative dagger. We make the scabbard automatically exactly according to the measurements of the ordered dagger. You do not need to send us its blade measurements or just to search for them.