Dagger scabbards

Daggers are short stabbing arms. In order not to damage the dagger or injure oneself, it is recommended to wear the dagger in a dagger scabbard. In our shop you will find many different types of dagger separations for e.g. rondel daggers, stilettos, or classic medieval daggers. Keep your dagger safe, e.g. in a dagger from Outfit4Events!

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Dagger scabbards

The dagger scabbard (also called dagger sheath) has been manufactured over thousands of years from a variety of materials such as leather, wood, brass or steel. Our dagger scabbards are mainly made of leather. Some models have metal chape or/and mount. Some scabbards may have wooden core.

Some daggers were worn in scabbards fastened on belts. Such belts have been closed with a knot (not with a buckle). The warrior could easily get rid of the belt (with the dagger scabbard) only with just one hand if he needed more freedom of movement or had to flee quickly to save his own life.