War Scythe

war scythe is a kind of improvised pole weapon, similar to a fauchard. The blade of the scythe is transformed so as to extend upright from the pole, thus forming an infantry weapon practical both in offensive actions against infantry and as a defensive measure against enemy cavalry. More information...

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War Scythe, 12th-19th Century

Our War Scythe has a convexly curved cutting blade. The blade is sharpened on the convex curve. The War Scythe head is crafted from carbon steel.

  • Hand forged carbon steel (not stainless)
  • Length of the metal head is approx. 73cm (27 1/2")
  • Weight app 1.35 kg

Please note: Originals of polearms often reached lengths of more than two meters (79 inches). This is more than the transport restriction allows. If you order this weapon replica with a wooden pole, it will be delivered in parts with a ca 198cm (78ichens) long wooden pole. You will have to assemble the parts yourself. All parts including rivets are included in the delivery. All needed pins to connect up the pieces including the metal strips that run down the shaft and the leather fringes are supplied.

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