Coat of Arms Shield Kostka from Postupice

The family Kostka from Postupice was a Bohemian old aristocratic family with a kinship to the Osek of Giant Castle and Hrabischitz. Since the end of the 14th Century, the Kostkas took their name from the headquarters in Postupice Beneschau in central Bohemia "from Postupice" and are Zdeniek Kostka Postupicz of documentary evidence for the years 1379-1401. With him the uninterrupted tribal series begins. More information...

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Coat of Arms Shield Kostka from Postupice

Product description:

  • Height approx. 50cm
  • Width about 45cm
  • Weight: approx. 1,5 kg (decorative version)
  • Used materials: Iron sheet, genuine cow leather, soft foam and cotton fabric (80% cotton, 20% linen)

This shield is available in two versions:

  1. as decoration with eye on the back for hanging on the wall (gauge 20-18 | 1.0 -1.3mm)
  2. as a prop for re-enactors (battle ready gear) with handle, leather strap and foam pad (gauge 14-11 | 2-3mm)

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