Brigandine Armor Visby

Valdemar IV of Denmark sent a group of armed men to Gotland coast on 22th July 1361. Local men were poorly armed and could not withstand the Vladimir’s invading troops. Archaeological remains of this battle were described as "one of the most fearsome revelations of a medieval battle known to archaeologists". There are many studies about armors used in this battle due to the large quantity of finds in the mass graves. Brigandine armors offer similar protection as the steel cuirasses, but provide a greater freedom of movements. This model is possibly one of the most popular ones that was documented among as an evidence of the cruel battle at Visby. More information...

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Brigandine Armor Visby from suede leather

The Brigandine Armor Visby will fit any reenactor who has max. 115cm (45,3") chest girth. It is about 105cm (41,3") long and weighs about 8,5 kg.


  • Gauge of steel segments sewn inside the brigandine: gauge 16 (1,7mm)
  • Leather and steel thickness and color shade may vary from piece to piece due to handcrafted method of manufacturing and the use of traditional inks.

Made by Marshal Historical.

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