Compound Bow for Beginners

A bow for beginners with a rich accessory: arrow rest, sight, arm guard, quiver, compound bow and 3 wooden arrows. This bow is suitable  for right-handers only. It is recommended to press nock points onto the string, fixing the position of the arrow.

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red-black pcs (1 pcs In stock)

Compound Bow for Beginners in Set

  • Overall length approx. 875 mm
  • peak weight : approx. 35 lbs
  • draw length : max. 25"
  • axle to axle : approx. 32,5"
  • Lengh of arrow 27" (71 cm)
  • Brace height 19 cm
  • Weight 1010 g
  • profile of the limb 34*8 mm
  • 50*7,5 cm - quiver
  • 13,5*5cm - forearm guard
  • Right-hander version

Caution: This bow is designed for beginning users. Misuse or careless use may cause injury. Hence, please follow the instructions hereunder:

  1. Please assemble the bow as the drawing shows. You will find it among our photos and on the bow packing.
  2. Do not aim or point to anything or anyone before you are ready to shoot.
  3. Do not shoot without arrows. This may damage the prod or cable/string for and injure the user.

Available colours:

  • red + black
  • green + black

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