Saracen Helmet Ghazi

This battle ready Saracen helmet is made from 1,5mm carbon steel and brass plate. It has a large face shield with adjustable positioning and a nape guard consisting of for lamellas. The helmet is inlaid with brass. The brass rim of the helmet bell is decorated with floral patterns. The cheek plates are covered with leather from inside. They can be tied under the chin. This Saracen helmet was made after a template dated approx. 1400 A.D. It was common in Iran, Egypt, Syria and Turkey. More information...

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Saracen Helmet Ghazi

  • Thickness of the iron plate: approx. 1,5mm
  • textile padding inside the helmet
  • Weight approx. 3,85 kg

Saracen was a term used by the ancient Romans to refer to a people who lived in desert areas in and around the Roman province of Arabia, and who were distinguished from Arabs. In Europe during the Middle Ages the term was expanded to include Arabs, and then all who professed the religion of Islam. The expansion of the meaning occurred first among the Byzantine Greeks and then among the Latins. By the time of the Crusades, beginning in 1095, a "Saracen" had become synonymous with a "Muslim" in European chronicles.

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