Crossbow Belt Hook

This Crossbow Belt Hook is made after the book by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc "Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages". It was used to make spanning a crossbow much easier by allowing the user to span the crossbow with their legs and body. More information...

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Crossbow Belt Hook

  • Total length approx. 285mm
  • Length of the metal part is approx. 155mm
  • Dimensions of the fittings over the leather strap approx. 61 x 100mm
  • Length of the bent hook part approx. 155mm
  • The hooks are made of round steel ø 6mm
  • Overall length of the round steel hooks approx. 21.5mm
  • The total thickness of the fitted belts (steel + leather) approx. 10mm
  • The fittings are firmly connected to each other with 3 steel rivets
  • Leather thickness approx. 4mm
  • Width of the leather strap approx. 54mm
  • Belts up to a width of approx. 120mm fit into the wide leather loop
  • Applicable for crossbows with max. 100 kg / 220 lbs draw weight

Made in Czechia

How to draw a crossbow

  1. Turn the nut to the locked (ready to fire) position and lock it with the trigger.
  2. Place the wooden anti-dry-fire safety between the trigger and the stock (tiller).
  3. Insert the tip of your foot into the metal stirrup at the front end of the crossbow
  4. With crossbows up to approx. 77lbs draw weight, the string can be drawn by hand
  5. For crossbows with a draw weight of over approx. 77 lbs you need a belt hook for cocking
  6. We recommend drawing crossbows with draw weights of over approx. 150 lbs with a windlass
  7. Make sure that the metal hooks of the respective drawing aid are symmetrically hooked onto the string, otherwise you could scratch the stock when tensioning
  8. As soon as the string sits in the hooks of the nut, the drawing/tensioning process is complete and the drawing aid can be removed
  9. Now you can insert the crossbow bolt, so that the flat end (or its nock) is snug against the string
  10. Remove the anti-dry-fire safety just before shooting.
  11. If you then decide not to shoot, use your hands or a drawing aid to release the string. Never dry-fire the crossbow (without an arrow/bolt), this could damage the crossbow bow!

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