Chain mail rings, 1 kg-packet, not riveted, stainless

For a mail shirt in size XL you will need at least 13kg mail rings. More information...

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Chain mail rings, 1 kg-packet, not riveted, stainless

  • stainless steel wire made in Italy
  • wire thickness approx. 1,6mm
  • material specification AISI 307SI, EN ISO 14343: G18 8MN

Do you want to knot your own mail coifmail shirt or a complete chain mail armor and miss suitable material? Do you need to repair or enlarge you mail coif or armor and miss suitable chain mail rings? We can offer you chain mail rings in various sizes and materials (carbon steel or stainless steel).

How do we make them? A 1,6mm thick wire is wound up, to form long spiral tube. This spiral tube is then hand-cut into the chain mail rings. How easy :) These rings are made in EU, they are not a cheap low-quality-import.

The chain mail rings are available in three different sizes:

  • S – inside diameter 6mm
  • M – inside diameter 9mm
  • L – inside diameter 11mm

The given price covers 1kg of chain mail rings. One kg of size-L-rings includes approx. 620 rings. To make a coif you will need 1,5 – 4kg of rings, depending on the size of the rings, size and length of the coif.

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